ARBOUR AT HOME - 'dinner by numbers'

Available for pick up Fridays and Saturdays in July 2020​

This was so much fun during Level Three in April that we are bringing it back for July. YOU get to recreate the Arbour experience at home. All our flavour tricks, local produce and food styling tips enjoyed with your nearest in the safety of your own home.


You are going to become our garnish chef. Bradley will have everything ready for you, presented in course kits with easy service instructions and images. You will not have to do any peeling, chopping or prep dishes. Your role is to plate the dishes for service and swan out to the table looking fabulous.

Please tag us in your awesome pictures during the night to help us feel like we are a part of your dining experience!


The menu will change weekly and follow the below structure. We will release wine pairing ideas and you can get everybody at home involved (or not! This makes a fabulous kids in bed treat!)

Arbour’s bread + whipped butter




Petit fours

$70 per person (minimum two person)

You can order up to the night before and arrange collection for between 2pm and 6pm Fridays and Saturdays.

Terms + Conditions