This friendly team have been looking after you and your guests at Gibb’s on Godfrey for a year now. In July Bradley and I (Liz) took over the lease, and this week we are excited to launch Arbour, a fresh new name - of our own.

Arbour came from a sleepless, period of searching. How could we sum up ourselves, the restaurant, the location, and Marlborough, in just one or two words? So we went back to basics. Where and what are we?

From the road we look like a vineyard shed surrounded by trees. It is only by coming in from the carpark that you discover the beautifully hidden, enclosed front garden. From there you go into a warm, north-facing, contemporary space. Light, fresh and calming. On the other side you step out to sweeping panoramic views of the vineyard, riparian treeline and beyond to the Richmond range.

A hidden garden sanctuary. Arbour.

We have created several styles of menus and the property offers the different spaces for you to choose how you would like enjoy your time with us. Serving our guests needs over the last year we realise we simply don’t fit the mould of ‘restaurant’, ‘bar’ or ‘dining room’. Some of you regularly enjoy multi-course dining, whilst others pop-in on the way home from work for a drink and something delicious to share. Some of you use us for business, whilst others love our ever-changing (and always rowdy) locals events. One thing that comes across in all of you is community. We throw a charity event every quarter. The neighbours around us and our guests, across all income brackets and dining preferences, turn up in support.

We are a place to Eat.Sip.Gather.

If you follow us on social media or get my ‘letters from liz’ then you know us well. If you would like to get to know us you can choose your preferred way to receive our information be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or ‘letters from liz’. Whatever your information medium and dining style it is simply the five faces above delivering it. We are what you see.

Serve you soon Marlborough. Liz xxx

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