It's been a lovely month for write ups. Arbour, along with many of our Marlborough friends, appears in the summer edition of WORLD magazine, with a two page spread of images. We last saw this outstanding writer, Patrick Smith, at Annandale, which has been named Australiasia's best experiential luxury property and New Zealand's best luxury tourism property.

So, now for something you may not know about us: Our most recent role was as the couple who set up the hospitality at Annandale last year. Annandale just won 'WORLDS BEST EXPERIENTIAL LUXURY PROPERTY'. We have of course chosen a different style of service here for Arbour as our dream is a small, relaxed venue with delicious, locally sourced food. But our background is a mix of luxury properties, five star accommodation and restaurant turn-arounds. Our time at Annandale was the most challenging, and most rewarding, experience of our lives and we will stay in touch with Mark Palmer and his beautiful family forever.

Annandale is a magical place. A remote and dramatic 4,000 acre coastal farm with four architecturally stunning and unique villas. We served the top 1% of guests in the luxury world, however the property always had a not-so-discreet way of reminding me to stay grounded. In the luxury industry you hope to see your name in certain publications. One being the Robb Report. Last month we made it into this publication from our time at Annandale. Bradley for his work towards New Zealand becoming the world's next food capital... and then myself... for bravely herding cows to safety in dangerous conditions! Oh dear. Why universe? Why of all days did the cows get themselves stuck on a cliff edge? But at least Jackie Caradonio will remember this Kiwi farm girl forever right?

Robb Report - New Zealand the next food capital.

We've been around a few places and had some wierd and wonderful experiences, but Marlborough is where we have always hoped to end up and where our hearts now lie. #BrilliantEveryDay

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