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Cuisine Good Food Awards; Best Regional Restaurant NZ 2022

Cuisine Good Food Awards; Personality of the Year 2017

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Established in 2015, Arbour is a modern and relaxed environment with innovative cuisine, an extensive wine list and warm, friendly service. Arbour offers a four-course tasting menu or local favourite the 'MANY' seven-course dining experience. The ever-changing dishes showcase local producers and Marlborough stories and the limited restaurant seating is often filled with much-loved locals and regulars.  


"We love that Arbour is surrounded by passionate people producing exceptional wine and food. We have access to world class ingredients for our diners’ right on our doorstep.” Bradley Hornby.

Business partners, Bradley Hornby and Liz Buttimore, have spent two decades in five-star hotels, resorts and creating award winning restaurants.
Arbour is incredibly lucky to still have long-standing team mate and skilled sommelier Astrid Cheung, aka 'the boss', in the team. Jamie Jackson joined Arbour in 2021 bringing not just fabulous chef skills, but an attitude that has helped to create a higher level of synergy and harmony within the kitchen. Meg Bissett started out as a 15 year old kitchen hand and four years on is now splitting her time between front of house at Arbour and the National (equestrian) Talent Identification Squad. This tiny, but talented team is backed by an outstanding crew of girls from Marlborough Girls College.
Many beautiful 'hall of fame' team mates have come and gone (and come back again!) over the years that will forever be in the Arbour family.